Mostrando entradas de octubre, 2008

Hollow Man 2 (Marcus Trumpp)

Sometimes They Come Back...Again (Peter Manning Robinson)

The Perfect Score (John Murphy)

Click (Rupert Gregson-Williams)

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (James Horner)

The Heaven Project (Brian Tyler)

Space Jam Complete (James Newton Howard)

Dracula III:Legacy (Ceiri Torjussen)

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Mark Griskey)

Weapons of Mass Distraction (Don Davis)

Van Helsing Complete FX (Alan Silvestri)

Mystery Alaska (Carter Burwell)

Domino (Harry Gregson-Williams)

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow (Inon Zur)

Red Eye Complete (Marco Beltrami)

Inspector Gadget 2 (Chris Hajian)

28 Weeks Later (John Murphy)

Sunshine (John Murphy)

Salem's Lot (Harry Sukman)

Raggedy Man Expanded (Jerry Goldsmith)