The Crow: Wicked Prayer (Jamie Christopherson)


Wild ha dicho que…
Thanks for the covers!!!. But could you make corrections:
1. 'picture', not 'piscure' :)
2. minor: tracks 'The End Of Pestilence' and 'Burying Lilly' should be in reverse order (film order) - Jimmy killed Pestilence first, then met the truck with the coffin.
Roberto Oteo ha dicho que…
Hi Wild. thanks for the corrections. the cover should be right now, but if you see another mistake, please, tell me.
the order of the tracks are good?
Wild ha dicho que…
Yes, now it's seems liek OK. Thanks again. Pity this version is not complete :( but it's better than nothing

By the way, have you listened it?
What's your opinion?
Roberto ha dicho que…
i haven't had the oportunity to listen it, but Christopherson is a competitive composer, you such to listed the music to Golden Compass Videogame to comfirm this.
Wild ha dicho que…
could you give me the hint where I can find Golden Compass VG score by Jamie, please? You can find "Wicked prayer" in the internet simply searching by tracks' names. Only don't bye it. Some dorks already put it in the website for sale.

Google this:
"The End Of Pestilence" nnm

Roberto ha dicho que…
i don't know where you can find the Golden Compass VG score. try to search in eMule or Soulseeker.

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