Somebody is Waiting (Elia Cmiral)


Xalandar ha dicho que…
As you know, I am an absolute fan of your covers, and I was wondering if you could create one for the "Jumanji" Complete score by James Horner. The ones i found are really not good. Here is a tracklist:
01. Prologue And Main Title
02. Digging Out The Past
03. The Game
04. First Move
05. The Children
06. Bats In The Attic
07. Missing Mom And Dad
08. Monkey Mayhem
09. A New world
10. Alan Parrish
11. Mosquito Attack
12. "I've Seen Things..."
13. "It's Sarah's Move"
14. Much Faster Than Bamboo
15. The Hunter
16. Stampede!
17. A Pelican Steals The Game
18. Van Pelt, The Sniper
19. Monkeys On The Loose
20. Rampage Through Town
21. Sir Sav-a-lot
22. Peter's Tail
23. The Monsoon
24. "Jumanji"
25. Christmas 1995
26. End Titles

If you don't have time, it's okay don't worry I know it must take long to design covers! Thanks anyway!
Roberto ha dicho que…
Hi Xalandar! thanks for your coments. has been too difficult find information about the last covers. As soon as i can i´ll create a new cover to Jumamji complete. i hope don´t make it too late.
Xalandar ha dicho que…
Thank you very much, I appreciate it!! And don't worry take your time!
Wild ha dicho que…
Thanks for the covers!
Roberto ha dicho que…
you're welcome, wild!

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