lunes, 20 de junio de 2011

Crimson Tide Complete (Hans Zimmer)

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benuit dijo...

Hi, great work.
Any chance of an "Green Lantern"
back cover? Would be nice.

Anónimo dijo...

Just stumbled across your blog... please keep up what you're doing, because it's awesome!


Roberto Oteo dijo...

Hi Benuit
i don't want to make a back cover to Green Lantern, because there are an official edition. I made a "possible" front cover. I'll make another one if an expanded/complete edition appears.
Thanks Anónimo!!!

Joserael dijo...

Hi Roberto mira soy Joserael y quería preguntarte si es posible que hicieras un cover front de un recital ofrecido por John Williams este año en España, no se como podemos hablar mas si tienes un mail o twitter?

Un abrazo!

Roberto Oteo dijo...

Hooola Joserael!! yo tamb sigo mucho tu blog jejej. apunta el msn y hablamos por ahi

Anónimo dijo...

Sadly, this is not the complete score. The boxing cue is missing (A Little On Edge it is called on the real complete). Some repeated pieces of music are on there, as well as being in the wrong order. Expanded, yes. Complete? No.

Roberto Oteo dijo...

wow, it's a shame that this would not be the complete score. i have another "expanded" edition, with Luis Rojas covers, and it was a great surprise find this editions. Do yo hav the real tracklist of the Complete edition?

Anónimo dijo...

1. Main Titles (3:11)
2. Hunter Gets the Call (1:37)
3. DEFCON Four (2:42)
4. Goodbyes/Go 'Bama (4:31)
5. Take Her Down (2:03)
6. The Enemy is War (1:12)
7. Alternate Cue (1:13)
8. Fire in the Galley (1:24)
9. Exercise (1:52)
10. A Little On Edge (0:49)
11. DEFCON Three (2:38)
12. War is Imminent (5:44)
13. This is Not a Drill (3:20)
14. Akula Attack I (3:23)
15. Ramsey Loses It/Akula Attack II (9:33)
16. Going Down (5:56)
17. Mutiny (9:48)
18. Finale (18:05)
19. Crisis Averted (0:51)
20. Court of Inquiry/End Titles (8:45)

Someone at the Hans Zimmer forum posted a breakdown of the expanded score posted here - sadly theres a lot of repeated material. This tracklist contains no repeats and extra unreleased music.