Inception Expanded (Hans Zimmer)


Anónimo ha dicho que…
A few typos:
CD 1, 14 Mr. Fischer
CD 1, 18 [..] One Simple Idea [...]
CD 2, 6 Waiting for a train

Awesome work anyway. But some tracks need slashes (CD1: 13,18; CD2: 1). Which font did you use?

Could you possibly create covers for the 5CD version posted here: ? I think what you have posted are the first two disks of it.

Roberto Oteo ha dicho que…
I changed the back cover, with all your comments.
The typo that i used is Gotham, great font.
Well, i'll make another cover with the complete score, the bad side is the sound FX in all the doesn't like to me.. I hope would be another edition without that sound in the future...
Anónimo ha dicho que…
Yes, I know about the bad sound. But its way better than nothing. Hopefully the complete session leak soon!
Anónimo ha dicho que…
Thank you for the corrected back cover :)
Anónimo ha dicho que…
Will you post covers for the Special Edition score that was linked above? I'm also interested. Your covers are marvelous.

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