Prince of Persia: The Sands of Times Expanded (Harry Gregson-Williams)


benuit ha dicho que…
Thank you ...
I think the name is Nizam not Nazam. Have a more complete tracklist, hope you'll add it.
Thanks in advice ...

1m1 Opening
1m2 Roof Escape
1m5 Alamut Treachery
2m6 I Must Pray
2m7-8 Climbing The Wall
2m9 The Victory
2m10 Dagger Lost And Found
2m11b Tamina Unveiled
2m11c Tamina Sees Knife And Dastan
2m14 Angry King
2m16 Kill Tamina
2m17 Dagger Sting
3m18 A Great Man
3m20 Dastan & Tamina Escape
3m22 River Rewind
3m24 Walk And Talk
4m32 Ostrich Race
4m32a Waitress Tamina
4m35 Over Here! R
4m38 Kings Coffin/ Trusting Nizam
4m40 Market Chase
5m44 Visions Of Death/ Training
5m45 Hassansins/ Sanctuary
5m47 Sands Of Time
5m49-50 Ostrich/ Snake Attack
5m52 The Hassansin Attack
6m55 Cave Whip Fight
6m56-59 Back To Alamut
6m70 Seso Fight And Death
6m71-74 Tus Uses The Dagger
7m75 Sand Drain
7m77 Dastan Fights Nizam
7m78 The Fall & Final Battle
7m81 Nizam Exposed
7m82 Nizam Over The Edge
7m83 Walk With Me
7m85 Tail Montage
Roberto Oteo ha dicho que…
Thanks Benuit!!
is this the real tracklist?
i can change all the tracks if you assure me if it's the real name of the tracks.
benuit ha dicho que…
Yes it is.
Please remove the "R" behind "4m35 Over Here!"
Thank you ...
Roberto Oteo ha dicho que…
The Back is changed. Enjoy it!!
benuit ha dicho que…
Thank you, fantastic. But there is a problem. Unfortunately, I can only see the preview ...

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