The Composers Collection #2 Guy Farley


Dirk Hoffmann ha dicho que…
Great work, thx a lot! Would be great to see a similar compilation artwork for Jeff Rona, who offers most of his recorded, often never released material on his website, too.
Best wishes and a merry christmas!
Roberto Oteo ha dicho que…
Thanks Dirk!! Yes, you're right, Jeff Ronna could be a good option for next projects. I'll taka a look at his web soon. Thanksss a Merry Christmas too
boogiepop ha dicho que…
Nice covers...just a little heads-up:
Feardotcom, which is featured on the cover(s) is not the same as Dot.Com.
Feardotcom ist composed by Nicholas Pike.
Roberto Oteo ha dicho que…
Yea boogiepop, you're right!! i changed the Feardotcom poster instead the DotCom Poster. Sorry

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