The Heaven Project (Brian Tyler)


Anónimo ha dicho que…
thanks a lot for this cover !!

I'm Cheefbrody, and it's a personal friend of me who have made this bootleg disc (he is Rexor) from the DVD two weeks ago only, that was really funny to have already a cover !!

I have made one too, but yours is really better !! ;)

see ya, CheefBrody
Roberto Oteo ha dicho que…
Hi Cheefbrody!
I like a lot your compilations and this score in special. it's a pleasure to me make this cover and i wish you enjoy with it while you listen this score, perfectly reaped indeed.
i hope know about you soon.
kind regards
Libra23 ha dicho que…
great cover
Anónimo ha dicho que…
thanks for the kind words Roberto ! :)

and yes be sure that I go to be back soon on your bog, your covers rules ! ;)

(I go to share this days new release, and between these one have a special interest for me, he have some sfx, but I want really a cover for it... maybe you can help me when the files was shared ?? :) the name of the score is: SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK AGAIN by Peter Manning Robinson, if you are right to made a cover, I tell you more infos soon...)

see ya and in the case thanks in advance ! ;)

Roberto ha dicho que…
OK, send me more information and i'll make a cover.
Anónimo ha dicho que…
nice, thanks a lot !!
much apreciated ! :)



composer/producer: Peter Manning Robinson

year: 1996
studio: Trimark Pictures

tracklisting: (24 cues)

1. main titles
2. funeral
3. the old man
4. binoculars
5. remembering childhood
6. the album
7. kitchen cleaned
8. recycling center
9. the black car
10. hi dad
11. freaky love scene
12. the letter
13. to the old church
14. back from the dead
15. birthday party
16. the revelation
17. back to the mine
18. you might need some coffee
19. looking for the watch
20. arriving at the old church
21. bleed for daddy
22. game is over
23. end titles
24. i'm back... again (bonus track)

I think it's all infos I can provided... :)

thanks again in advance ! :)

see ya, regards !
Anónimo ha dicho que…
@ Roberto Oteo - Could you possibly post the link to the score? The music is wonderful. I made my own rip but i'am not good at it and i don't feel any pleasure at listening to it. Thank you.
Roberto ha dicho que…
Sorry, but i don't share music through the net, only soundtrack covers. i think you can find it into emule. try it and good luck
Anónimo ha dicho que…
yes, it is availible on Emule network, in a .rar archive !

emule search keywords:

"Tyler Heaven Project"

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