Hollow Man 2 (Marcus Trumpp)


Wild ha dicho que…
Hi, thanks for covers!

Could you make cover to The Crow: Wicked Prayer (promo) (2005) (by Jamie Christopherson), please ! Thanks in advance!

01. Titles / The Four Horsemen (5:26)
02. Let It Go (Lilly's Theme) (1:08)
03. Bikeride To Town (1:39)
04. The Trading Post Killings (5:10)
05. Dumping The Bodies (2:13)
06. Luc's Revenge (1:59)
07. Revival Of The Crow (4:48)
08. Out Of The Fire (2:34)
09. Wedding Chapel (3:05)
10. Burying Lilly (3:13)
11. The End Of Pestilence (2:52)
12. Touching Memories (1:28)
13. Clashing Bats (1:17)
14. Ravenfest Slaughter (3:28)
15. The Aftermath (1:26)
16. Ceremony At Inequity (8:01)
17. Hanging On To Belief (3:24)
18. The Crow Dance (7:11)
19. Reunited At Last (2:44)
20. Alive In Your Memories (performed by Evelina Christopherson) (4:04)

BTW, Why does Isham's Highwaymen is labeled as 'Complete', there ain't no official release :)
Anónimo ha dicho que…
Highwaymen is "labeled" complete because this is a promotional disc who contains ALL music featured in the film... simply that !! :)

Complete don't must said that an official shorter release as availible... only that the recoding is the complete film score version ! :)

regards, CheefBrody
Wild ha dicho que…
My point about Highwaymen is:
If there is already official release1 labeled as original, and later appears expanded/complete releas2, then this release2 should be labeled so to distinguish (e.g. War, Hollow Man). Otherwise, if this is the only release, (I think) there's no need to label it as complete... (The same story about Vampires: Los Muertos). Maybe month ago I've made that cover:
Roberto ha dicho que…
Hi at all!
Thaks for your coments. About Highwaymen the cover that i made is about the Complete score composed by Isham. I have another firstly edition, with about 20minutes of music with little sound FX. anyway i'm with Cheefbrody, when a soundtrack edition contains All the music composed about, it should labeled like Complete. it's my point of view about the theme.
Hi Wild, i'll make a cover as soon as i can, ok? thanks for your contribution.
Anybody knows the tracklist of Vampires:The turning, composed by Tim Jones?
Wild ha dicho que…
Aah. If there is first edition of Highwaymen, then it's clear why it's labeled as complete, I didn't know about other FX release. The Isham's case is closed :)

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